Saturday, 25 September 2010

Finally..... a new one

Yes, hi, it's been a long long long time since I posted any videos. I actually haven't taken any videos for a long time. But this afternoon Alex was throwing the balloon around and I thought it was cool, so here it is. Enjoy. I will try to take some more videos, but no promises. haha....

You will see that my clock is sitting on a chair.... that's because I haven't hung anything up on the wall yet. heehee....

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I bought Alex a pair of training chopsticks when I was in Hong Kong after seeing all my cousins' kids using them. Thought that they will be fun and interesting for Alex to play with when he eats. So I let him use his new fancy chopsticks for the first time last night during dinner. He absolutely loved them. He got the hang of it right away, such a clever boy. He thought he was so cool to be eating with chopsticks. And he ate fast and quite a bit. Well, we will see how long it takes before the novelty of using chopsticks fades and he goes back to his normal eating mode. But it's just so cool watching him use chopsticks. So I recorded a bit of it to share with you.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Random videos

Hi, here are some videos of Alex's day to day life. I just find it handy to record little moments with my handy little video camera. A very useful present. Heehee...

First two were taken when Alex visited his buddy William. Grandpa Kruse, take note, Alex wants one of those fancy big touch screen monitor to play with. It's just like if you were to split two monitors to one computer, only that one monitor is a fancy touch screen one. The kids really have a blast with it. William's dad also downloaded some cartoons and put the icons on desktop, the kids click and play the videos on their own too. They are so clever.

Here Alex and William were just being silly with the chair.

One day Alex woke up from his nap cranky, didn't want to eat or do anything but pout. So he pouted on the floor for a long time, but at the same time he's doing his leg lift exercise. He's funny.

Alex tried to peel a banana by himself. Had a little fight with the banana. Who won? Banana did.

Here Alex vacuumed with mommy. Well, look more like fighting of the vacuums.

What's the best way to catch fish? Alex will show you. And you will have to say, "bite it" very slowly so you don't scare the fish away.

Trains are all lined up. Where are they going?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Giant Snowman

Here are some videos from when we built those giant snowman on the field right outside our house. We had a lovely snowman building afternoon with the neighbor kids. Alex loves the snow. Too bad it's all gone now. The snow and coldest winter in 30 years has caused lots of problems throughout England. The area we live in didn't get it too bad though. We did enjoy the snow very much.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friend's birthday party

Alex went to his little friend, Jaiden's 1st birthday party today. He had fun with the bouncy castle. He never really enjoyed bouncy castle too much before but I guess he decided to give it another try when he saw all his friends hopping up and down on it.

There were quite a few crying kids, and some pushing others. But in general they all had fun.

If the videos appear to be pixelated and of bad quality, please click the HD button on the bottom of each video so you can watch video in HD
. That should fix the problem.

Monday, 4 January 2010

lots of videos

So yes, like my cake blog, I haven't been updating it. I've been busy. heehee..... The holiday season is over and I can stop stressing and doing normal things in life again. So now here are a few videos from the past week or two.

First two, we have this chips over here in England called Hula Hoops. They are just the right size to put on little ones' fingers. Here Alex will show you how to eat them hoops. He kept thinking that I was taking pictures, so you will see that he says "cheese" sometimes. Silly baby.

I was decorating cake with fondant and Alex wanted to see what I was doing on the counter so I put him on the chair. He thought it was playdoh I was playing with. He found my cutters and roll away. Also dumped out a little cup of cornstarch so he's messy all over. He had fun though.

Alex thought it would be super cool and fun to spread coupons all over the house while I was sorting out coupons. What a monkey he is!!

This morning we went out back to play for a little bit. Played with the remote controlled car Jonny gave Alex but found that it's not very good at all on ice or snow. We need a 4 wheel drive RC car next time. And then we found a ball and Alex want to throw it down the slide and go down the snow/ice covered slide himself.

These are us building a gingerbread house on Christmas day. The frosting that came with it was so thick we couldn't spread it or do anything with it. It was a disaster house.

Fake crying for whatever reason.

Playing with his Lego Thomas on a Thomas floor puzzle. Pay attention, see what he does with the wipes. It's funny.

Well, I was going to upload a couple more but those video size are too big. But I figure you should have a enough dose of Alex from the above videos. Have a lovely day.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day

These are the actions from our fun morning in the snow.