Monday, 4 January 2010

lots of videos

So yes, like my cake blog, I haven't been updating it. I've been busy. heehee..... The holiday season is over and I can stop stressing and doing normal things in life again. So now here are a few videos from the past week or two.

First two, we have this chips over here in England called Hula Hoops. They are just the right size to put on little ones' fingers. Here Alex will show you how to eat them hoops. He kept thinking that I was taking pictures, so you will see that he says "cheese" sometimes. Silly baby.

I was decorating cake with fondant and Alex wanted to see what I was doing on the counter so I put him on the chair. He thought it was playdoh I was playing with. He found my cutters and roll away. Also dumped out a little cup of cornstarch so he's messy all over. He had fun though.

Alex thought it would be super cool and fun to spread coupons all over the house while I was sorting out coupons. What a monkey he is!!

This morning we went out back to play for a little bit. Played with the remote controlled car Jonny gave Alex but found that it's not very good at all on ice or snow. We need a 4 wheel drive RC car next time. And then we found a ball and Alex want to throw it down the slide and go down the snow/ice covered slide himself.

These are us building a gingerbread house on Christmas day. The frosting that came with it was so thick we couldn't spread it or do anything with it. It was a disaster house.

Fake crying for whatever reason.

Playing with his Lego Thomas on a Thomas floor puzzle. Pay attention, see what he does with the wipes. It's funny.

Well, I was going to upload a couple more but those video size are too big. But I figure you should have a enough dose of Alex from the above videos. Have a lovely day.

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